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As pet owners ourselves, we appreciate the bond that develops between a pet and its family. Veterinary care improves that bond by increasing both the quality and length of your pet’s life, and is the cornerstone of your pet’s health. 

For preventive care or during illness, your pet’s health is our top priority. At Heekin Animal Hospital, we pledge our knowledge and skills…for a lifetime of care.  

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Important Updates

Rogers Pet Health Tips

We will still be following social distancing guidelines, with curbside service and no clients allowed in the building. We are asking for your help in the following ways:

- If you are sick, have been around anyone who is sick, or you’ve been traveling in or around affected areas, please call to reschedule your appointment. Your health and the health or our staff is important to us.

- The front door to the clinic will remain locked. Please call when you arrive for your pet’s appointment.

You must wear a mask during all in-person interactions with staff. This includes drop off, pick up, and medication retrieval. 

- We will have you pull up to the front door and get your pet out of the car. Please have your credit card ready to give to staff at this time. If you have questions for the vet, please have those written out as well.

- We will bring your pet in and perform the exam while you wait safely in your car in the parking lot. Dr. Heekin will call you to discuss the exam results and answer any questions. Staff will give you the total and run your card.

- We will have you pull back up to the door to retrieve your pet, any necessary medications, and the receipt for the visit.

- If you need to pick up medications or food, please call first so that we have time to fill your order.

- Payment will be taken over the phone at the time of order. When you arrive, pull up to the front of the building and call. We will bring your purchase out to you.  

                                  - Please keep in mind that medications are taking longer to receive from our distributer. Please do not wait until you are out of medication to request a refill.

                                             - Pharmacies may be overwhelmed right now. While we will call/fax in requested prescriptions right away, the pharmacy may not be able to fill them as quickly. We recommend calling them first to make sure the prescription is ready.

We apologize for any inconvenience, but again, we want to keep everyone safe. Thank you for your continued patience as we work to navigate our ever changing new normal.