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With nearly 30 years of surgical experience, Dr. Heekin is qualified to perform a wide range of procedures, from minor lumps and bumps to in-depth abdominal surgeries.  In addition to her surgical skill, she is committed to quality surgical care through utilization of

  •             A spotless, well-equipped surgical suite
  •             Continual attention to proper sterile technique
  •             Patient care with intravenous fluid support, thermal support, and pain control
  •             Highly qualified technical staff


Our mission for anesthesia is simple: Safety and comfort for your pet. 

Safety starts with comfort.  It is a well-documented fact that pets with good pain control perform better under anesthesia.  Each pet is given pain medication prior to any surgical procedure.  During surgery, pain control is customized to the needs of the patient.  Additional pain control is achieved via use of local anesthetics to numb the surgical site and/or continuous micro-drips of intravenous pain medication.  Following anesthesia, patient comfort is maintained through a combination of injectable and oral pain medication.

Safety continues with another creature-comfort: warmth.  Another fact is that anesthetized patients lose the ability to maintain body temperature, creating a “chilling” effect on anesthetic safety.  In other words, maintaining a normal body temperature improves anesthetic safety.  At Heekin Animal Hospital, cold tables are warmed or covered, tiny feet are protected by insulated booties that prevent heat loss, and each patient is surrounded by a “Bair Hugger” brand warm-air blanket.  Body temperature is measured throughout each procedure to ensure that our patients are warm—and safe.

Safety is achieved through rigorous monitoring of each patient. Anesthetic monitoring is where we see the effects of our patient care efforts. We have state-of the-art anesthetic monitors that allow us to follow

  •             Heart rate
  •             ECG tracing
  •             Respiration rate
  •             Oxygen level of the blood
  •             Carbon dioxide levels of the breath (measures lung function)
  •             Temperature
  •             Blood pressure

Safety is assured by a doctor and staff dedicated to—you guessed it—safety.  Our staff gives careful and individual attention to your pet each step of the way.  Anesthetic monitors are machines designed to deliver numbers, but our Registered Veterinary Technicians are trained to recognize the meaning of those numbers, and attend to anesthetic adjustments while the supervising veterinarian attends to the surgery.



"I took my beloved dog Gucci in to visit Dr. Heekin and her staff today. I was nervous about taking him to a new doctor as I am new to the area. Dr. Heekin and her staff were kind, thorough, compassionate and took all of the time I needed to answer my questions and to treat and assess my family member, as if he were her own. They worked my pet in without a moments notice and gave him all the time and care that I have never experienced from any veterinarian in the last 47 years. I would recommend Heekin Animal Hospital to any pet owner looking for top notch care with love. Thank God for Dr. Heekin and her staff!" - Saundra

"Dr. Heekin and staff are all lovely people who truly care about the fur-patients and people coming in. They only want what’s best for your pet." - Alex

"Dr Heekin and her staff are incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable. They took amazing care of my animals *AND* me! I trust Dr Heekin will provide the best." - Morgan

"They got me an appointment last minute, which relieved so much stress for me and my dog. All the staff was extremely friendly! The vet and vet techs were very caring for my dog who doesn’t have a lot of experience going to the vet. They prescribed some medicine on the spot and I can already tell my dog is feeling better! Definitely recommend." - Hannah