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Wellness Care and Vaccination

Since the life span of a dog or cat is only a fraction of your own, a yearly wellness exam is crucial to preventive health care.  Early diagnosis of health issues can lead to a longer and happier life for your pet. A thorough physical examination, vaccinations, and internal parasite checks are part of most well-pet visits. 

Based on the veterinarian’s findings, recommendations are given to improve your pet’s health.  We make recommendations for:

  •             Nutrition for optimal weight and body condition
  •             Parasite control including selection of the best product for your pet’s needs
  •             Minor behavioral concerns
  •             Specific therapies for problems found during the exam

Older pets often benefit from more in-depth wellness testing, which may include sampling for cell counts, and blood chemistries to assess the function of internal organs such as liver and kidneys; or endocrine functions such as thyroid.  Urinalysis is usually included as a simple yet very informative test.




"I took my beloved dog Gucci in to visit Dr. Heekin and her staff today. I was nervous about taking him to a new doctor as I am new to the area. Dr. Heekin and her staff were kind, thorough, compassionate and took all of the time I needed to answer my questions and to treat and assess my family member, as if he were her own. They worked my pet in without a moments notice and gave him all the time and care that I have never experienced from any veterinarian in the last 47 years. I would recommend Heekin Animal Hospital to any pet owner looking for top notch care with love. Thank God for Dr. Heekin and her staff!" - Saundra

"Dr. Heekin and staff are all lovely people who truly care about the fur-patients and people coming in. They only want what’s best for your pet." - Alex

"Dr Heekin and her staff are incredibly compassionate and knowledgeable. They took amazing care of my animals *AND* me! I trust Dr Heekin will provide the best." - Morgan

"They got me an appointment last minute, which relieved so much stress for me and my dog. All the staff was extremely friendly! The vet and vet techs were very caring for my dog who doesn’t have a lot of experience going to the vet. They prescribed some medicine on the spot and I can already tell my dog is feeling better! Definitely recommend." - Hannah